Backpain – Don´t just accept

Backpain – Chiropractor Copenhagen can help


Most people have experienced this. Acute backpain or pain building up over a long time. This can be anything from the classic acute lumbago to the more difficult conditions like disc herniation and other more chronic problems.


Regardless of the level, everyone probably agrees that it lower one’s quality of life while it is going on, and timing is rarely good when one gets back pain


A large part of the Danish population regularly suffers from discomfort and pain in the back and a large proportion unfortunately have to call in sick for an shorter or longer period. Approx. 80% of the Danish population is thought to have problems with low back pain within the last year, while about 10% have back pain to such an extent that they experience reduced level of daily function.


Unfortunately, research shows that even 2 weeks of sick leave due to back pain significantly increases the risk of not returning to work. Fortunately, research also shows that early intervention against back pain significantly reduces this risk.


It is therefore important that your back pain is examined and assessed by a professional such as. chiropractor. The chiropractors are the professional group with the most experience and education in the back area and therefore a clearly obvious choice for back pain.



Why does my back hurt?


The cause of back pain is so-called multifactorial, ie. due to several factors in combination. Among the most common contributing causes are among others


  • Genetics
  • Past injuries and trauma
  • Overweight
  • Monotone work functions or repetitive heavy lifting


Back problems are seen at all ages, from babies to the very old. The choice of treatment technique depends on the specific problem as well as the age of the patient. Treatment and approach are thus individual and depend not only on age, pain but also on the patient’s own function and motivation for own efforts.


Together we can make an plan for return to the best possible function in everyday life with the least possible pain.




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